The Rustic forest wedding project is a little bit of everything: print and digital, web and stationery, ink and animation. This project is all about getting the guests into the rustic, forest themed vibe. It was important to focus equally on the digital aspects as well as on the physical paper goods.

Most of the guests will visit the website multiple times - getting the first details, clicking the RSVP, later on looking through the registry and checking the directions. Some will even visit again after the wedding to post pictures and read what others wrote in the guest book. Thats why the goal was to make the website feel as special and crafted as wedding stationery feels.

Early Sketches

I started by laying out the wireframe and sketching a rough concept for each section:


Festive forest color palette:


Starting To Illustrate

I started with the RSVP section, testing the colors and making sure it has the right feel. I usually start with the simple elements, because there can be changes along the way, and especialy since the concept continues to evolve and become more refined.


Final illustration:

Testing Animation

The next thing I wanted to test was the the animation. First I started with the ink illustration for the guest book - the dream catcher:


I colored the illustration, erased the background, cut the different elements into separate layers, and added motion in After Effects.

OK, I have to admit that at this point the animation wasn't looking right.
So I watched some random youtube videos of baby mobiles and laundry hanging in the wind - trying to study the movement of lightweight objects in the wind. 
And then I started over. 

still needs some work

still needs some work

After watching baby mobile videos

After watching baby mobile videos

Much better!

Chilled after the baby mobile videos, I continued with the illustration for the accommodation section. My initial concept was a tree house:


This was a pretty detailed illustration, but only after cleaning it digitally and coloring a part of it I realized that a bird house could work here even better.

bird house


The illustration for the directions section was quite straightforward:



Moving on to the homepage gif: Like in the wireframe sketch, the first version was noisy and too detailed.

But it was looking much better in a minimal and clean version.


Him & Her gif process:

After Effects puppet tool

After Effects puppet tool


Final Thoughts

I repeated the process with the rest of the illustrations and gifs. Some looked good on the first try, others required further attention before they were ready. For my next project I might try to do flat color sketches before diving into the final illustrations - perhaps that way I would have noticed earlier on that some details weren't looking right. But this was a really fun project, I learned a lot from the process and I'm looking forward to the next ones!

greeting cards

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